Last Day with the Kiddos!


Today was my last day of preservice teaching.  These past seven weeks in first grade have been a wild ride. There were some hard days.  Sometimes the kids would rather be talking to their friends than learning, and sometimes lessons didn’t go the way I had planned.  But there were precious moments strewn through these seven weeks that I would not trade for anything.  I learned so much from these kids and this experience.  We have made memories together that I will never forget.  The children and their teacher did so much to make this last day special for my partner and I.  We sat in a circle on the carpet and many of the students took turns telling us something: I’ll miss you, thanks for helping me, etc.  Cue the tears.  They surprised us by each making a card for us.  Then we read books together.  It was a perfect way to end this experience, sitting on the floor surrounded by these sweethearts.  A few of the students that I’d gotten particularly attached to were reluctant to see me leave.  I was given more hugs than children in the classroom, and I treasured each one.  One girl told me, “I wish you were my aunt.  Then I could see you every day.”  Several of them said, “I want you to never leave!”  This has been the hardest part of teaching for me so far, saying goodbye and letting go.

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